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Which Steroid Is Best For Muscle Gain

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If there is any substance bedeviled with so many myths, it is injectable steroids in Canada. Interestingly, steroids are not near the false narratives peddled in some quarters.  

But let’s hold that thought for another day and focus on the crux of the matter: which steroid is best for muscle gain? 

Best steroids for muscle gain 

Getting that dream body physique can be pretty daunting. But even more frustrating is when you begin to experience a slump after many years of dieting and lifting. 

At this point, it is evident you would have to seek alternative methods to boost your muscle growth.  This is where the best steroid for muscle gain comes in. 

You can buy Canadian steroids on Buy Steroids Canada for that body transformation you seek. But how do you manage the issue of finding the best steroids for muscle gain with many types of steroids out there? 

Not to worry, we are about to highlight the best steroids for muscle growth available today. 

Beginner Bulking Stacks for Men 

Achieving the desired muscular physique begins with the bulking phase. The bulking phase lasts 8 to 16 weeks, depending on expected muscle mass. 

The bulking phase is intended to gain as much quality lean muscle tissue as possible without accumulating the least amount of body fat.

Here are some of the best beginner bulking stack options for men; 

Cypogen ( Testosterone Cypionate

Cyprogen improves your body’s ability to stimulate androgen receptors, increasing anabolic activity. 

It also helps to accelerate training recovery and stimulate the growth of lean muscle tissue by increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention within muscle tissue. 

The possible dosage and cycle length are Men @ 100-500+ mg/week at 12-24+ weeks, respectively. 

Dianagen ( Dianabol) 

Dianagen is quite similar to testosterone. Its anabolic effects are achieved by significantly increasing protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and glycogenolysis. 

If you are looking for the perfect drug for an increase in muscle mass and strength, dianagen fits the bill perfectly. The possible dosage and cycle for dianagen are Men at 20-80mg /day at 6-8 + weeks.

Decagen (Nandrolone Decanoate) 

Decagen is the ideal steroid if you are keen on adding quality mass to your physique. It helps to build large dense muscles within a short period.

The possible dosage and cycle length for decagen are Men @ 300-900 mg/week 12-16 weeks. 


Steroids now come in injectable form. The following are the best injectable steroids for muscle gain. 

Drostanogen ( Masteron Enanthate) 

Drostanogen is one of the best steroids you can find around. Its ability to help build larger muscles with a harder and dryer appearance makes it ideal for performance athletes and bodybuilders. 

Drostanogen is not recommended for female use as its androgenic qualities can cause virilization in women. 

Men @ 300-600 mg/week at 8-16 weeks are the  possible dosage and cycle length for drostanogen.

Nanogen( Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

Nanogen injectable steroids help induce muscular hypertrophy and give you quality lean muscle tissue with few adverse side effects. 

The possible dosage and cycle length are Men @ 50-100 mg/day or every other day (EOD) and women @ 50-100 mg/week for 8-16 weeks. 

Sustagen (Sustanon 250) 

Sustagen is a blend of different forms of testosterone. It helps you build quality lean muscle tissue for that perfect body you have always desired.

Sustagen is also ideal for individuals who seek increased bone density. 

Possible dosage and cycle length are Men @ 100-500+ mg/week 12-24+ weeks. 

Sustagen is not recommended for women. 

Where to Buy The Best Steroids for Muscle Gain In Canada

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