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What does it mean to be Strong? 

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Strength isn’t just pulling a silly amount of weights and throwing your belt across the room – sorry Larry Wheels. Strength is described as the amount of force produced by a muscle or muscle group. Different from power, strength is simply grit and getting through the rep. Imagine a 16-second deadlift rep. 


Strength Based Pharmacology: Three Phases 

If you have everything else (training, sleep, and diet) in check, and you are already getting stronger on a weekly basis, we can look at pharmacology to improve that. 


1) Far Out (20 – 12 Weeks out)

In this period, you will be doing some intense training and you will have some training “problems” you need to solve. 

Just being more Masculine

This is really the base of most cycles, you need to have the input of masculinity; libido, estrogen conversion, and feeling good all around. There are a few reasons why you would want to do this. 

  • Libido from both Testosterone and Estrogen will keep you healthier and your mind in a better state to perform better under the bar
  • Estrogen is not only good for libido, but it is also neuro -, cardiovascular -, and recovery sparing. Men with close to zero Estrogen suffer a lot from a health perspective

How do we actually get this “masculinity”?

Well, you have two options, maybe three: 

Dosing: Either 3mg per kg, or 300 – 600mg per week

Pure Testosterone is simple and easy. Shouldn’t cause you too many side effects unless you use way too much of course. Will help with libido and just make you feel good, but more importantly, will provide you with Estrogen. You might run into issues of elevated Estrogen at higher doses, in which case you will need an AI like AROMAGEN (Aromasin)


Dosing: Either 6mg per kg, or 600 – 900mg per week

If you are unaware, Boldenone (Equipoise) is very similar to Testosterone in its effects. Both will provide the masculinity effects we want, both will convert to Estrogen. There are a few key differences, however. EQ will raise red blood cell count and hematocrit massively, so unless you train with high volume, or you bloodlet regularly, use normal Testosterone. EQ is only half as Estrogenic as Testosterone, so you need double the amount of EQ for the same amount of Estrogen. While something like CIALIGEN (Cialis) might lower blood pressure a bit, you have to keep an eye on it.


Dosing: 20 – 80 mg per day

Don’t like needles? Wanna do it the way Arnie did it? Yup, Arnold didn’t really use Testosterone but used Dianabol instead. It is actually the oral version of Boldenone. The pharmacokinetics will dictate that this will do everything Testosterone does, just with a bit of extra liver strain. 


Soft Tissue Repair

You’re a strong guy and you’re going to be lifting some impressive stuff, so it makes sense you would want to use something for the actual repair of muscles and connective tissue. 

You have a few options available here: 


Dosage: 300 – 700mg per week 

Deca is one of the most commonly used Steroids on the market today. It is most often used for a growth phase since it wouldn’t be classified as a “lean” compound. Also excellent for cell volumization, you’re going to get pretty good “healing” from this compound. Make sure to handle Prolactin with MIRAGEN (Mirapex) or manage Progesterone with STANOGEN (Winstrol)

Dosage: 400 – 800 mcg per day

Not keen on using Deca? Well, you can always just hop on some healing peptides such as TB-500 and BPC-157 to help you recover. This won’t be as cost-effective as Deca but might be substantially healthier. 

Protein Expression

This is simply Anabolism. While Testosterone is great for building muscle as a beginner, if you’re expected to actually pull something ridiculous, you might need something a lot stronger. 

Dosage: 300 – 900mg per week

Why are these two together? Well, they’re remarkably similar. Both won’t convert into Estrogen, both are effective at the protein expression and building lean muscle mass, and both (because they’re DHTs) will increase strength dramatically. Masteron is the cost-effective version and will be 80% as effective as Primo would be. 


2) Getting There (11 – 6 Weeks out) 

This is the period where you might begin to get nervous, and training will become really intense. This is also the period in which you might want to introduce things like Noopept and Lions Mane. You will continue using the products listed above. 


3) Final Push 

This is the part where things will become extremely interesting and spicy. It is also the part we have to be quite careful with what we use and how it will affect our neurological systems. 


Cell Volumization

While you technically don’t “need” cell volumization, especially if you are not phased by a weight cap, for lighter folk an oral might make a big difference: 


Dosage: 20 – 50mg per day

Both of these are DHT Derivatives, meaning you won’t get any Estrogenic side effects at all. You will also get some exponential strength gains as DHT is directly related to force production. DHT has also been linked to neural function which can be beneficial to your heavier lifts. 

  1. OXANADROL (Anadrol) 


Dosage: 25 – 100mg per day

Similar to other orals, the volumization and “fullness” provided by Anadrol is going to be insane. Anadrol is known to raise Prolactin, so yet again, make sure you make use of MIRAGEN (Mirapex) at higher doses. 

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Lastly, aggression. This is truly the icing on top, and you should only use these if absolutely needed. 

Dosage: 10 – 40 mg per day

The most famous Steroid for aggression, this baby is incredibly Androgenic and won’t really do much for muscle gain or soft tissue recovery. As mentioned before, this is really the icing on top to drive Neural function through the roof the closer you get to comp day. 

Dosage: 200 – 500mg per week 

If you feel like you need a bit more cell volumization or perhaps even need to lose a bit more weight, then Trenbolone might be a good option. Definitely, something that will have toxicity, especially when used in higher amounts, that being said, from a neural standpoint it’s pretty darn good at driving strength through the roof. 

4) Extra

If you really want to go balls to the wall, you can also look at incorporating some Metformin and CIALIGEN (Cialis) as a way to drive Glucose uptake through the roof. This might take a whole week to really be as effective as possible, and might drive body weight up as well, so be careful.


Building strength is a hard process and requires a lot of grit and lifting. The days of “Test n Deca bro” are long gone, and there are ways to really drive neurological and muscular adaptations through the roof. Some of these have some pretty intense risks, so take them with a grain of salt, and maybe, just maybe, do some cardio as well. 

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