Melanotan II


Melanotan II is the second coming of Melanotan, an analog of the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (a-MSH). With minimal UV ray exposure, Melanotan II drastically increases melanin production in the skin cells which darkens skin tone by stimulating melanogenesis. A very notable secondary effect is that it also functions as a libido enhancer, dramatically increasing sexual arousal in both men and women. Whether you want to get a more natural tan without excessive UV ray exposure, or enhance your libido, Melanotan II has you covered.



Melanotan II (10mg)

Melanotan II is used to darken an individual’s skin tone requiring a minimal amount of UV ray exposure. Prolonged UV ray exposure puts you at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. This synthetic melanotropin peptide supplement was designed to reduce cancer rates and potentially be a sunless tanning compound. It was discovered that UV exposure is still required for its skin pigment darkening benefits to be noticed. This peptide also functions as a libido enhancer, dramatically increasing sexual arousal in both men and women. There are numerous physiological and psychological reasons for sexual dysfunction (stress, low testosterone, drug use, etc.) and Melanotan II has been proven to greatly stimulate the libido for both men and women. Melanotan II has shown promising results as a possible treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) and female sexual arousal disorder. This amazing peptide has been found to have numerous other health benefits and is still being studied to confirm the claims.

NOTE: All peptides require reconstitution with bacteriostatic water prior to use.


● Promotes skin tone darkening (tanning) with minimal UV exposure
● Increased libido for men and women
● Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
● Increased self-esteem and confidence
● A better sex life has numerous physiological and psychological benefits
● Reduces hunger
● Reduces compulsive and addictive behaviors (via oxytocin signaling)


● 1 hour

Possible Dosage & Cycle Length:

● Men/Women: 125-250 mcg to first assess tolerance. If tolerated without experiencing
nausea, increase to 0.5-1 mg/day until your desired skin tone is achieved. To maintain
your tan take 250-500 mcg twice per week or as needed
● Sexual Enhancement protocol: Men/Women @ 250-1,000 mcg one hour prior to

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