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Key Takeaways

  • Fat loss will largely be determined by your diet and training 
  • There are various ways of improving fat loss with pharmacology
  • The least unhealthy would be the use of Human Growth Hormone 
  • The strongest would be DNP, but it is also quite dangerous 


Fat loss is a term that’s thrown around all day long, and not many realize exactly what they’re talking about. Unless you are using exogenous Androgens, chances are you are going to lose some muscle tissue as well. That’s completely normal, however, who of us really wants normal? 


In order to actually achieve fat loss, we first need to understand how fat loss works. In a response to a calorie deficit, the following will take place:


  1. Free Fatty Acids (FFA) are liberated from Adipocytes via Lipase 
  2. FFA are transported by the blood to different parts of the body
  3. FFA can then enter metabolizing tissue/cells (Cells with Mitochondria, except for Central Nervous Tissue 
  4. Long-chain-fatty-acid—CoA ligase (Enzyme of the Ligase Family) is the catalyst of the reaction of FFA with ATP 
  5. This reaction forms AMP and inorganic pyrophosphate and gives off fatty acyl-adenylate
  6. Fatty acyl-adenylate reacts with coenzyme A to give off a fatty acyl-CoA molecule
  7. The Carnitine shuffle is used for the acyl-CoA to enter the mitochondrion 
  8. Beta Oxidation then takes the FFA (acyl-CoA molecule at this point) and cuts it into two carbon chains 
  9. These carbon chains combine with co-enzyme A to form acetyl CoA
  10. Acetyl CoA condenses with oxaloacetate to form citrate


As you can see, it is a rather complex set of events that need to take place. So, how do we actually improve this, or how do we increase this to its utmost? 


The first one is probably the easiest – just increase the rate at which the body needs energy. Something like T3/Cytomel would increase the demand for energy in the body and therefore you would end up burning more calories just by staying alive. This is what those who suffer from hypogonadism take, so, you’re essentially strapping a turbo to your own metabolism. 


The second most popular way is by influencing the Beta-2 Receptors in the body. These are by and large responsible for your metabolism, and by using an agonist like DILATEROL (Clenbuterol) you can massively increase your own metabolism. A nice trick about this particular product is the fact that it is anti-catabolic. 


The least intrusive way of increasing fat loss would be via the use of OXYTROP (Human Growth Hormone). Remember how number one on the list of fat loss events was Lipase causing fat to be released into the blood from storage? Well, Oxytrop directly causes an increase in Lipase. This will make fat more readily available to be used as energy, thus, more fat loss. What’s more, HGH has various other benefits such as increased muscle mass, better skin and hair health, and various others. Side effects are virtually non-existent at normal doses. 


If you really want to blow a hole through time, just ball out and for DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol). DNP is by no stretch of the imagination something that is healthy and for 99% of the population not something that should ever be considered. That said, for those who are training hard, dieting perfectly, and know how to respect a drug, DNP can be used. DNP uncouples your body’s ability to use food as energy, thus, you can only use fat as energy. That said because that food’s energy still needs to go somewhere, it gets turned into heat. Thus, the side effects of DNP are pretty severe and include death. 


For the most part, your diet, training, and sleep will dictate your results. That said, a lot of these compounds named here will have a real measurable effect on your performance and fat loss.