The Premier Pro Cycle


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  • 5 bottles test enanthate. 3CC’s a week, weeks 1-13
  • 2 bottles tREN E . 2 CC’s weeks 2-12
  • 3 bottle equipoise. 2CC’s a week. Weeks 1-15
  • 2 bottles IGF-1 LR3. 30 microMG daily, weeks 1-4, 10-14
  • 1 bottle anadrol. 4 pills a day. weeks 1-3
  • 1 bottle M1T weeks 6-9. 20 mg daily. 4 pills a day.


The growth in this cycle is insane. You get size and growth from all angles at all times during this cycle. IGF-1 multiplies muscle cells, makes you tight, lean and thick on alternating months, the benefits of TREN power with the high dose of test to continue to grow at optimal levels during the whole cycle. Massive peaks of growth from the Anadrol and the M1T at different periods, early and mid cycle. To top it off, you get the cardiovascular endurance, strength, and conditioning to maximize your workout performance from the equipoise.


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