The Athlete Cycle


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  • 2 bottles of test sustanon. 2 CC’s a week, weeks 1-10
  • 2 bottles equipoise. Weeks 1-10 2 CC’s a week
  • 2 bottles anavar. Weeks 1-8, 60 mg a day.


For the sports enthusiast, and competition athlete, this cycle is your choice. Benefits of equipoise, are in the increase of red blood cells. More red blood cells, more oxygen… more oxygen more output, more output in your game, more value. Anavar and test will increase your strength, so with each in combination of each other, you will have an advantage on the battlefield. If you want optimal performance, worrying less about maximum growth and size, this is your cycle.


If you’re looking for cheap, go elsewhere. This is a premium product, for your best possible price. We have been around for 10 years as a manufacturing of product, servicing thousands of clients in our local and extended market. Due to increasing demand for our product, we are moving online. We’re here to give everyone a premium product, with extensive knowledge. Our product knowledge is extensive, and our experience is priceless. Any questions, we’re here to help. Not just sell you a product we do not trust, it is one many of our team use ourselves. (As do the pro’s). Consider us your trusted advisors, in both product knowledge, for personal guided assistance, contact us at any time.




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