Competition Cutting Cycle


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  • 2 bottles test sustanone
  • 5 bottles tren ace
  • 2 bottles masteron enanthate
  • 1 bottles winstrol
  • 1 bottle anavar
  • Sustanon 2 cc’s 1 -10 weeks
  • 2 cc’s a week of masteron enanthate 1-10
  • Weeks 1-4 60 mg anavar
  • Weeks 5-10 winstrol. 50 mg a day 5-10
  • Test ace, straight from weeks 2-10
  • 300 mg 4cc’s a week, 2-10


For those getting ready for the competition stage, or for those who just want to be freakishly lean as possible, this cycle is designed to carve you like no other. With the hardening effects of tREN A and the drawing out effects of masterON, with the hardening effects of winstrOL combined, giving you new cuts that you never knew were possible.


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